Joey stared down from the roof of his four story red brick apartment building at the two girls jumping double Dutch on the sidewalk. Fat Ellie went first: “five ten fifteen twenty twenty-five thirty thirty-five forty forty-five …” and on. Then skinny Jenny. More of the same chant from two friends spinning the ropes. Joey readied his water balloon and released it carefully over the side. Bull’s-eye. Right on the head. Splat! Drenched and in a rage, Ellie stared up at him, brandishing her big fist. “I’m going to beat your little white ass,” she screamed. “Oh shit,” Joey cried, ran down the stairs, crashed through the door of his apartment and ducked behind his mother’s apron. “Save me, mom. Save me.”

About ldlagarino

I'm a somewhat retired tractor-trailer driver who loves the movies and always loved to write. I have time now. No excuses. I suppose it's only natural for me to lean toward screenwriting.
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2 Responses to DOUBLE DUTCH

  1. JoAnn Santoro says:

    What happened to the other story? I see how you now are introducing pictures to your writing! Your doing great Larry


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