Sidebars from hubcaps

As much as I enjoy putting pen to paper, I have to confess to not knowing widgets from lugnuts. I guess it’s a generational thing. Studying literature in college at the State University of New York back in the seventies, we typed our papers on 8 1/2 x 11 typing paper, and that was that. Times have certainly changed.

Somehow, back in the eighties, the real world crept in, my writing aspirations got sidetracked, and I found myself moving from warehouse worker to tractor-trailer driver. Nothing particularly wrong with that, I guess. For the most part, I actually enjoyed it. It’s all part of the journey of finding oneself.

So here I am. The world’s changed around me, and rather than continuing to fight it, I’ve decided to  acquiesce. But boy do I need help!  Text is all I’m able to contribute at this point.  The rest will come.  Whatever it takes, I’ve made up my mind to at least attempt.  So how about a drum roll? Budda boom!  Budda bing! 

About ldlagarino

I'm a somewhat retired tractor-trailer driver who loves the movies and always loved to write. I have time now. No excuses. I suppose it's only natural for me to lean toward screenwriting.
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