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FADE IN: INT. SPEEDING VAN – NIGHT A half dozen mid-twentyish partyers lie passed out across a bare mattress in a disheveled heap of wildly colorful clothing. A flood of street lights flickers sporadically through the van’s dark tinted windows, … Continue reading

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Sidebars from hubcaps

As much as I enjoy putting pen to paper, I have to confess to not knowing widgets from lugnuts. I guess it’s a generational thing. Studying literature in college at the State University of New York back in the seventies, … Continue reading

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Glad to Join the Wordpress family

Glad to Join the WordPress family.

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Trying to Understand

I was going to post something personal today, then realized this is not the time.  An event occurred in Connecticut that strikes all of us hard in the gut, a senseless act that can’t be rationalized no matter how long … Continue reading

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